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Are you a musician, band or ensemble looking for gigs to play?

Gigscene is a free online service that aims to connect musicians of all genres with venues looking for talent. It is the simple new way for musicians to get playing to audiences in cities like Paris, Brussels or Prague. With Gigscene, you can book a gig in a couple of clicks!

  • Create a profile! Give some details about your music and experience, upload at least one video from your previous live performances and your recordings.

    If you’re a versatile artist and can offer different genres of musical performance, create a separate profile for each of them (ex: jazz trio, rock-band, solo folk performance, etc.). Concert organizers are often looking for a specific type of performance, and this may boost your chances of getting booked for a gig. Please use a different email address for each of your profiles.

  • Browse through our list of available gigs and apply to play. Gigs as well as musicians profiles are not public, only verified concert organizers can see them.

    We have negotiated deals with local clubs, bars and cafés who have given us a selection of available gigs that you can apply to! You can search gigs by dates, places and genres.

  • Make sure you’re available to play the gig you apply for. By applying you are agreeing to the terms and committing to perform on that date, if you are selected.

    Please carefully read all the terms and conditions of the gig before applying. To help you, there is a check-list for every gig so you can verify all the vital information.

  • After the concert, the organizer will have the possibility to rate your performance and post a comment on your Gigscene profile.

    You can also post comments about the venue by emailing us to regarding your experience with facilities, concert organization and promotion. These valuable references will make your next bookings even more efficient.

  • After the deadline, the venue owner or organizer will contact you to go through final arrangements.

    There are no surprises, as all terms of the gig are listed in the gig details during the application process.

  • That’s it! You’ve applied for the gig so now just sit back and wait for the venue owner / concert organizer to check out your profile.

    Each gig has a deadline by when the decision will be taken. You’ll know if you succeeded in getting the gig either through a Gigscene email alert or by checking your Gigscene profile.

Here are reasons why you need Gigscene

  • You’re always looking for new gigs
  • You’re tired of sending emails and not receiving replies
  • You have a busy schedule and want to book gigs more efficiently
  • You want to play in different cities and perform to new audiences
  • You want to broaden your network and make your music travel?

It’s easy, and a fast-track way to get booked for your next gig. Gigscene has negotiated the dates and conditions of every gig listed with local venues. If you decide to apply, you’ll get a rapid response confirming if you’ve succeeded or not. We set up Gigscene because we care about musicians and want to make their life easier. We would like to help them broaden their horizons and make their musical experiences more international. While we have plenty of our own ideas, we’re very much open to your feedback because we want to adapt and improve the service for what musicians want and need. Be in touch

Our vision

This adventure is only just starting, and we already have many ideas of how to better connect musicians and venues. Gigscene is currently operating in a couple of major European cities with an established network of local contacts. And we’re already working on developing our activity elsewhere over the coming year. Our vision is to modernize and simplify the concert booking process and internationalize the music scene even in smaller venues. The more clubs that agree to collaborate with Gigscene, the more we can create a vibrant international music network with amateurs and professionals. Gigscene is your chance to discover new clubs, meet a new audience, acquire new experience and make your music travel!

Using Gigscene is

We don’t take a percentage from your concert fee because we are not a music agency. Gigscene is a service creating a connection between musicians and concert organizers. However, we will be there to help you in case of any issues you might have with the venue and during the communication leading up to the concert.

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