For concert organizers

Interested in having access to the Gigscene booking system? Want to post available gigs in your club and find groups and musicians that fit your demands quickly and efficiently? Don’t hesitate to contact us, wherever you are, and we will set everything up for you!


Reasons why you need
the service Gigscene

  • Save time

    Simplify the way you make concert bookings. No more unsolicited emails from bands: musicians apply directly on Gigscene for available dates based on your requirements and conditions of your gig. All you have to do is to pick a band from the list of applicants.

  • Internationalize your scene

    Musicians from all over the world are using Gigscene. Open your venue and introduce your public to new international talent.

  • Create a buzz about your club

    Gigscene will allow foreign musicians and their followers on social media to discover your club or venue, which can bring also attract new audiences.

  • Real connections

    Gigscene is a platform that puts you in direct contact with musicians who are genuinely interested in playing in your venue. It’s no robot, but an active service with real people behind it. We will be there to help or assist you and try to make your life a bit easier.

  • No engagement

    Try Gigscene, if only for one gig or just to book a warm-up band. We are sure that only one booking will persuade you to use Gigscene again.

  • Interested? Contact us if if you’d like to book available dates at your venue or even just to discuss possible cooperation.


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